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Joe Nunziata is a best-selling author, spiritual life and business coach, and professional speaker who teaches that to make permanent changes you must clear your negative energy and break destructive patterns of behavior at the core level. The transformational process that Joe developed enables people to create new energy and beliefs designed to achieve sustained, positive growth in all areas of life.

Since 1992, Joe has been delivering his life-changing message at events and seminars. His programs blend spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of internal energy. He has appeared on many television and radio programs including Good Day New York and Street Talk on Fox TV, Cablevision News 12, Gaiam TV, Better TV, The Braveheart Network and various radio stations across the country. He also hosted a radio show, A Shot of Joe, on the Transformation Network.

Joe’s work led him to author several books, including: Chasing Your Life, Karma Buster, Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose and No More 9 to 5. He has created many audio, video and written programs including: Change Your Energy/Change Your Life, No More Mental Barriers, Connecting to Your Spirit, Create Your Breakthrough and The 7 Keys to Transformation.

The career that Joe has created for himself is not something most would expect from a Brooklyn-born son of a New York police detective and conservatively thinking mother. After losing his father at the age 12, Joe felt he had to become the man of the family, so he got into sales at an early age. Although he achieved some financial success, he saw that he was repeating some of the same self-sabotaging patterns. He explored many of the most popular success models and found that most of them focused primarily on thoughts and actions. Joe discovered that until the underlying emotions are addressed, changes to thoughts and actions only deliver temporary changes. This led Joe to continue searching and studying, until he eventually created a process that helps people identify their unresolved emotions and then clear the negative energy at the core level. It is this process that he began sharing in 2004 and continues to refine and expand upon today.

Joe now helps all types of people, from executives and entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home mothers, to “dissolve” the emotions and beliefs that stand between them and the achievement of their desires. He is continuing to spread his message throughout the world through speaking engagements, media appearances and his books and products.

You change your life when you are willing to uncover and face your negative feelings and beliefs.

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A Shot of Joe

Many of us are do not take enough time to be still and contemplate our lives. Spiritual teacher and author Joe Nunziata gives you a new perspective on being quite and the benefits.

Comments from people who have experienced Joe's work

"These were my top three experiences as I found your book on Amazon yesterday. Observing time and time again in business that the people who feel good about themselves and are in alignment with their intentions get ahead (regardless of talent, smarts, or experience) I scoured the internet for a book discussing the same. And I found yours! Mr. Nunziata, thanks from my heart for writing this book, and the abundance of material offered on your website. Being a "L of A" student for a number of years (Abraham-Hicks), I was wondering if a book like your "Spiritual Selling" actually existed, especially with the societal shift that is presently occurring. So glad to have "met" you in cyberspace!"
Michelle Mays
"I love the high energy I receive from Joe's programs and events. I leave with this energy and really hold on to it. The amazing thing is how making these adjustments has made such a difference in all aspects of my life."
Alex Iannece / Wholesale Food
"Joe shows you how to uncover and release the blocks that are holding you back. He makes this work easy to understand and apply to any area of your life. I am no able to deal with issues in a much more flowing manner. It has made me more peaceful and productive."
Natalie Helms / Corporate Trainer
"From my first conversation with Joe, my practice started to change. It was as if my attraction level was raised just by talking to him. I am attracting more of my ideal clients now and more than that, I'm getting more and more clear on how to market myself. Even more, Joe armed me with the emotional support and technical tools necessary to identify my goals and make them a reality. I am creating a totally new company that is much more focused, effective and productive. Thank you Joe!"
Stacy Francis / Francis Financial
"Thank you for making me laugh I thought the PaGandhi was hilarious. (in a good way) I love the book. You always have a way of making me feel that the book was written just for me. I have already read it twice. What you mention is so true and I like that I can read it in one sitting. I can go back and refer to it again and again and again. Create a life definition that works for you. I like this it doesn't focus on the form which may change. It makes me feel that I can fulfill my purpose anywhere. Sometimes I feel so out of place so believing that I already have a place in the world is empowering. I like how you gave the example of the Connie and how her inner voice has been whispering in her ear her entire life. Moving through difficult times and staying on the path is hard. Knowing that its going to require effort time and patience is helpful. It eases things and doesn't make me feel stuck. I have learned the hard way that if I do not deal with my true feelings I will recreate similar situations. I like the idea of bringing more love into the world. Fear based projection, I like how you say to Imagine a different outcome. I take a lot of bad action, actually I have gotten better. There is Nothing to Figure Out. I feel like I have been hiding for so long, the idea of experiencing life feels scary and exciting at the same time. Well, I love your book it makes things seem possible. You are a Blessing in the World."
Lorena Alvarez / Pasadena, California
"I wanted to drop you a little note to express my gratitude for your work. I've sifted through plenty of information in my search to re-invent myself or simply to just move myself forward on my higher path. I found that after reading your book Finding Your Purpose, it seemed as though it were written with me in mind. Since I experienced what I consider to be a profound connection to your teaching, I decided to purchase your VIP Special Offer and also to become a member of your Ultra Breakthrough Club. So far, it's just making perfect sense to me and I'm brimming with excitement about living and enjoying my journey. I know that I am on the path and at some point my purpose will be revealed to me using your help to guide me to it. Thanks for everything and I look forward to connecting with you in the future."
Gregg Rappaport / New York
"Your work is so inspirational and helpful and gave me the strength to tell myself and the universe that I do want change and I know it will be hard but I am willing to make the change happen. That following Monday, I used my newfound confidence when I interviewed for a new position. Two days later I was given the offer. I start my new job and my new life on November 30 with a better company, better pay, and better benefits. I just wanted to thank you for sharing with others your knowledge and for inspiring people that we can change and giving us to tools to make that happen. Thank you again. I am very very grateful to you."
Lynn Sogi – California


Joe Nunziata , karma buster.
Joe Nunziata is a bestselling author, karma buster and professional speaker. He delivers a revolutionary new philosophy designed to transform your life and business. Joe's work is based on clearing the negative energy being held in the Chakras (internal energy points in your body). As the negative energy is released a new field of energy vibration is created. This new field of vibration, at a higher level of energy, helps to create and attract better results in your business and personal life.

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