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Joe Nunziata is a bestselling author, karma buster and professional speaker. He delivers a revolutionary new philosophy designed to transform your life and business. Joe’s work is based on clearing the negative energy being held in the Chakras (internal energy points in your body). As the negative energy is released a new field of energy vibration is created. This new field of vibration, at a higher level of energy, helps to create and attract better results in your business and personal life.

Spiritual Selling presented live in Los Angeles, CA

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All presentations are designed to fit your needs and create the results you desire. Customized programs are available upon request

Karma Buster: How to Break Your Negative Karmic Cycles in Business and Life

Your karma is the blueprint for your life. Understanding how and why you are creating the events occurring
in your life is critical to move forward. This enlightening program will show you how karma is working in your
life and business right now. Discover the keys to clearing your negative karma and create the life you desire.

-How your karma was created
-The role your parents’ play in your karma
-How to identify your karmic wheel
-Why you are struggling to make key changes
-How to make positive changes “that stick” and more

How to Create Breakthroughs in Your Business and Life Discover the Power of “The 9-Step Ultra Breakthrough Formula”

Moving to a higher level of success in any area of life requires you to create a breakthrough. This life changing program helps you identify the things in life that are holding you back. This allows you to expand your energy and create the breakthroughs you desire.

-How to expand your energy and create a breakthrough
-The 2 sides to every breakthrough and why they are so important
-Why your conscious desires alone do not allow you to move forward
-How to tap into your true beliefs and move forward quickly

Spiritual Selling: Double Your Sales using the Attractor Sales System Based on the principles in Joe’s bestselling book Spiritual Selling

Spiritual Selling offers new insights and valuable tools that will change the way you view sales and business. This program combines powerful spiritual principles and the laws of energy with proven sales strategies. This revolutionary new philosophy will transform the way you conduct business. The result of this process is the creation of the Attractor Sales System.

You will discover:
-How your energy attracts specific types of clients and situations
-Why you are keeping powerful beliefs that are holding you back
-How to maintain a high level of energy on a daily basis
-How to define exactly what you sell
-How to build a system that constantly generates new prospects and more!

Mastering the Law of Attraction

The “Law of Attraction” has received a lot of attention lately. This powerful metaphysical law has a tremendous affect on your life your daily life. Every person on the planet is using this powerful law but very few know how it really works. Now you can unlock the secrets and begin to create the life you desire. You will discover the keys to elevating your levels of energy and attraction. Also discover how to focus your energy, move out of your mind and into your true power.

-How You are Currently using the Law of Attraction
-The Key Adjustments and Change You Have to Make Now to Create Better Results
-Joe’s Powerful 4-Step Energy Formula to Success
-Why You Attract Things You Do Not Want
-How to Focus Your Energy and Elevate Your Power
-How to Allow Yourself to Receive What You Desire
-The 4 Pillars of Unlimited Attraction and Peace and More!

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life The 7 Keys to Transformation

Making lasting changes in life is one of the most difficult things to achieve. Success in this area requires you to transform your beliefs and energy. This is a powerful process that requires commitment and openness to changes. The 7 Keys to Transformation will guide you through the process and help you make the changes you desire.

-Why change is so difficult
-The reasons most people never change
-Why willingness is the key to moving forward
-The 7 keys to transforming your life

Finding Your Purpose

Human beings come to earth with a specific mission to complete. One of our challenges is connecting to this mission and finding our true purpose. Discover the keys to uncovering your talents and unlocking your incredible potential. You will be guided to connect to your true desires and create the life you deserve.

-How and Why Your Mission was Created
-Why we Block Ourselves from Following Our True Path
-The Keys to Discovering All of Your Talents
-How Fear and Unworthiness Stop You
-How to Move Beyond the Fear and Create the Life You Desire

How to Remove Your Mental Barriers

Imagine having the ability to quickly clear the destructive patterns of behavior that have been holding you back in your business, career and personal life. These unconscious patterns are the driving force in everyone’s life. Once you understand how these patterns work you will have the ability to change negative associations and make dramatic leaps forward.

-How to identify your negative patterns
-How your unconscious patterns are affecting your work and life
-The keys to clearing these barriers
-Powerful exercises to help you identify limiting beliefs and more

The Power of Emotions

Emotions are the driving force in your life. Without emotions nothing in life would have any meaning. Feelings of ecstasy, joy, excitement, despair, longing, hope and so on, are the motivating force for every human being.

We all experience positive and negative emotions. Our reactions to these emotions determine the quality of life we are living now and will live in the future. Properly dealing with your emotions is the key to a happy, productive life.

-Managing your emotions
-Determining if you are over-Emotional or under-Emotional
-Understanding what motivates you
-How to step-out of a situation and make better decisions

Overcoming Your Fears

Fear is not real; it is a state of mind. We have all been conditioned to fear certain things in our lives. If your mother was afraid of dogs she may have passed that fear on to you. Many people fear ill health or loss of money. Most of these fears can be traced back to the formative years.

-The 6 basic fears
-How to identify your fears
-Knowing which fears are positive and negative
-Techniques to help you break through old barriers

Customized programs available upon request

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